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Contact lenses have, over the last 25 years, gone through a process of commodification. As manufacturing techniques changed from individual contact lenses being made by hand on a modified watchmakers lathe to modern fully automated, high volume production, the commercial position of contact lenses has completely changed.

Nowadays a wearer usually knows the manufacturer, product name and specification of the lenses they use. Manufacturing has evolved so that lenses are produced with virtually zero manufacturing variances. It is now a reality that a person knowing his contact lens specification can safely buy those lenses from a third party. Contact lenses are a product to be treated with the utmost care and respect.

They rest directly on the eye and must fit correctly, be handled correctly, some must be stored and disinfected every night, they must transmit sufficient oxygen for the wearers needs. A wearer is not usually able to monitor all these requirements unaided and must seek the regular attention of a qualified and experienced contact lens optician.

You are legally entitled to your lens specification from your optician

It is now a legal requirement for UK based contact lens opticians to supply a specification statement to their contact lens wearers and, provided the wearer is up to date with every other aspect of their care (such as a regular full eye examination) and not in the process of being fitted with a new type of contact lens, the specification must be given. The wearer then has the opportunity to buy their contact lenses from whoever they please, and now a number of companies have sprung up that supply contact lenses, directly to wearers, online.

The General Optical Council (GOC) has a duty of care to all persons needing the attention of an optician and this, of course, includes users of contact lenses. The GOC has the authority to prosecute companies supplying contact lenses to wearers in the absence of a specification statement that is in date and signed by a qualified contact lens optician.

Where to buy your contact lenses online?

Contact Lenses Direct is owned by the Hampson family, it is an online contact lens supplier, but it has gone even further than that and become registered directly with the GOC. The Hampson Family are so confident that their online company is conducting itself correctly and ethically that it has put that company right in front of the GOC by asking, and receiving, their official registration.

So now contact lens wearers can buy online, benefiting from the lower price and increased convenience of online supply, but knowing they are fully protected against malpractice.

So why not buy your contact lenses online from Contact Lenses Direct and benefit from the lower prices, smarter service and knowledge that you are dealing with an entirely ethical company openly amalgamated with a leading contact lens care practice, Hampson Opticians Ltd, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire?