How To Change Opticians

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How to change opticians

Changing opticians is easy and we can help you move our way.

Obtain a copy of your spectacle prescription

You are legally entitled to a copy of your spectacle prescription and this should be given to you at the end of your eye examination. You can take this information to any optician to get your updated glasses. Carefully keep your copy as you may be charged for another copy should you misplace it.

Patient records

Your patient records belong to the optician’s practice. Patients are entitled to see their records, have them explained or have a copy, but there may be charges for these services. Regulations regarding charges can be found here.

Your records may not be required by your new optometrist who will always ask about your medical history, in particular details regarding your eyes and your vision.  If you bring your current glasses the optometrist will be able to measure them and note the powers of your lenses.

Contact lenses

It is just as easy regarding contact lenses:  you are legally entitled to a copy of your specifications when the fit of your lenses has been completed. Take that to your new optician but if you have misplaced them try and bring the boxes of your current contact lenses to your initial appointment with your new optician, this will give your professional a starting point.

Your contact lens specifications mean that you can buy your lenses where you wish. Among other required data, they will have an expiry date and lenses can only be purchased for likely use up until that date.

These specifications are not necessarily tied to your last aftercare appointment.  You may, for example, have specifications that last for a year but prefer to see your optician every few months.

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